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Better Together! The historical partnership between Teoresi and Altia


Better Together! The historical partnership between Teoresi and Altia


Teoresi is a valuable part of the Altia Engineering Services Team, as a reseller of Altia products the collaboration evolved for both companies in terms of knowledge sharing and partnership.  


Altia Inc.


At the beginning of their partnership, in the early 2000s, Teoresi was as an authorized dealer of Altia’s user interface development software in Italy. 

Over time, Altia has changed its distribution model, by selling its software directly to its customers. Nevertheless, Teoresi has continued to collaborate within the Altia Engineering Services Team – becoming a respected partner by delivering software development and validation activities and providing support to Altia’s European customers under the guidance of Altia’s global project management team.  


With a proficiency in Altia products, Teoresi can perform various kinds of support, starting from providing highly qualified engineering support for services projects, holding international workshops on behalf of Altia and working closely with Altia Europe GmbH to support nearby European customers. 

During the COVID pandemic, Teoresi’s engagement with Altia’s Engineering Services organization increased as global demand for engineering services support increased. To meet the needs of a large North American Automotive OEM, Teoresi’s specialized team collaborated with Altia to design and develop a cross-platform, end-to-end automotive HMI solution, including center stack module, instrument cluster and head-up display.  

Our added Values

Over time, Teoresi has gained in-depth knowledge of Altia’s software development toolchain and remains a trusted partner for supporting Altia customers. Teoresi’s Italian team helps Altia’s global Engineering Services organization to support its customers all over the world.  


Teoresi is a trusted and valuable partner with a deep knowledge of our products. Their team offers first class support as we meet the expanding engineering services needs of our customers in Italy and beyond. Furthermore, the Teoresi team continues to demonstrate top notch expertise in Altia’s products. They are always a welcome addition to our Engineering Services Team—and we’re grateful for their partnership.

Cheryl Falk – Director of Marketing Communications at Altia
A first class support to Altia to develop HMI during the full project life cycle
  • Ensuring the successful delivery of Altia’s services customer milestones, especially for project delivery activities for the large automotive OEM, Teoresi served as a key Engineering Services partner during the COVID-19 pandemic. With Teoresi’s support, Altia’s Engineering Services Team was able to increase productivity and reduce delivery time of HMI project assets for its customers. 
  • Teoresi provided first class support for this project, including software development, software integration and validation. 
About Altia

Altia provides state-of-the-art graphical user interface (GUI) development and code generation tools for embedded displays. With its software tools, engineering services, support and expertise, Altia helps companies worldwide to design, develop and deploy brand-defining GUIs. 

In addition, Altia offers engineering services that include human-machine interface (HMI) development, porting to new targets and full life cycle multi-modular solutions.  

Altia provides different software for the development of HMI: 

  • Altia Design: For HMI Design, User Experience (UX) and Style 
  • Altia DeepScreen: For automatic code generation and deployment on production devices 

Companies in the automotive, medical, consumer electronics and white goods industries are delivering intuitive, high performance user interfaces for production embedded devices on time and on budget with Altia’s software. 

When development resources are unavailable or limited, Altia customers can engage Altia’s Engineering Services Team. These experienced embedded engineers, software engineers, artists, project managers and user experience professionals provide design, development and deployment services to customers around the world.  

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